Anthropocene or entropocene? (en)

I. Deregulatocene, capitalocene or others


II.1. Entropy: a measure of disorder?

(Left) Hijack of the Monopoly game (internet) with the formulation of C.P. Snow on thermodynamics. (Right) More detailed explanation of each point (adapted from [16]).

II.2. Negentropy ?

II.3. Entropy vs complexity

MinutePhysics — Where Does Complexity Come From? (Big Picture Ep. 3/5) — YouTube
increase or decrease of useful information when entropy increases

III.1. Entropy: to avoid at all costs?

III.2. Can we consume entropy sparingly? (the maximum entropy production principle)

(left) Energy dissipation as a function of the evolution of structures (Eric Chaisson), showing the increasing degree of production of entropy. (right) Entropy production during the lifetime of a living being (hypothesis). Fig8.1 of [39].

IV. The entropocene, B. Stiegler


“The subject I wanted to embrace is immense; because it includes most of the feelings and ideas that give birth to the new state of the world. Such a subject exceeds certainly my strength; in treating him, I did not manage to satisfy myself.”
(Alexis de Tocqueville)

Bonus (extension):




Low-techs, solutions basées sur les écosystèmes, biologie évolutionniste

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